Reign Quality is an artist-centric music publishing company on a mission to amplify creativity to produce and highlight the world’s best music.


In the new digital age, the music industry is fueled by artist’s releasing content. Now, more than ever, artists need access to professional creatives services to keep their content machine alive.

Enter Reign Quality.

We amplify creativity by providing professional creative services such as video production, graphic design, project management, and much more so our clients have a clear canvas - and the right tools - to paint their vision.

We want to represent the best music in the world; so we help you create it.



Portraits by Sarah Deragon

Todd Headshot RQ.jpg

Todd Greene

Head of A&R, Creative Producer

Founder of Reign Quality

ISH Headshot RQ.jpg

Ismael Soto

A&R, Producer

Hip-Hop, R&B

Mishael Camacho

A&R, Producer

Pop, Rock

If you feel you’re qualified,

Creative Director, Brand

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Technology Director, Brand

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